Don’t be afraid of the dark


Don’t be afraid of the dark.


How does this quote relate to PowerPoint presentations?


When I coach my students how to use PowerPoint I demonstrate the difference between a white slide and a black slide.

Here’s one of the advantages.


Picture a white slide.

The screen is lit up, bright.

The presenter stands anchored at the side of the screen, unable to move, standing static, trapped like a fox in the headlights.

The audience on the other side of the room are not engaged, they feel they’re not part of the presentation.

“Why is he not talking to us?”

Disengaged, they reach for their mobile phones.


Does this sound familiar?


Picture a black slide.

Light has been removed.

It looks like the projector or screen has been turned off.

The presenter is free to move around the room.

Free to engage every member of the audience.

Free to exploit all the room on the stage.


“Don’t be afraid of the dark.”

Meet Maxine

Cast your mind back to a time when you had a great opportunity presented to you, something truly amazing, something to stand you out from the crowd.

Perhaps you hesitated.

Possibly you didn’t follow though. It’s nothing more than a missed opportunity.

Maybe you look back.

“What could have been?”

Meet my latest protégé.

A lady embracing opportunities on a path to achieving greatness.

Meet Maxine Wynter.

“Hi Maxine, please tell us about yourself?”

Maxine: “I’m an Advanced Social Worker helping young adults with learning disabilities. Using my business ventures and public speaking I communicate my social message to help others further and I’m embarking on an incredible journey. I will be speaking to 2,500 people at “Yes You Can. Inspired to Achieve”. Which is where you come in.”

“Please tell people what we’re doing.”

Maxine: “Put simple, you’re coaching me ready for October. In our 2 sessions so far, you’ve laid out a framework for me. It’s so easy for me to follow and fill in my content ready for our next session.”

Follow Maxine’s journey, charting her progress and looking at her work and business ventures.

Get your ticket:

The secret to looking like a PowerPoint Pro (Part 1)

The secret to looking like a PowerPoint Pro (Part 1)



It started out as just an average work week. Then, out of the blue, you’ve got to create a PowerPoint presentation.


“Noooo, I’m not a PowerPoint Pro!!!”


You’ve seen too many boring PowerPoints, you know the ones where the presenter reads from the screen?

Don’t ever do this!


You want to impress, to look like a Pro, to engage your audience. But you’re no Pro?!?!

Where do you start?


Here’s the secret, have you heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”?

You just need to master a few things to look awesome.


I’m going to describe the quickest and easiest way to look like a Pro.


Part 1 starts with “condense”.

1. Write down your presentation on paper and write each important point you’re making into a single paragraph.

2. Read it out load. Yes, serious, read it out load. I guarantee you’ll make some changes.

3. Condense each paragraph into a short 1 to 3 word summary.

4. Put only 3 of those condensed summaries on each slide.


You’re on your way.

In Part 2 I have a short video that will explain exactly how to build the slides for maximum impact.

What is something everyone should be taught?

What is something everyone should be taught?


It’s Tuesday evening, I’m preparing to take the stage to deliver my speech when this thought entered my mind.


It’s taken humans eons to evolved, to become the intelligent beings of today, to create the incredible wonders that surround us. Wonders often take for granted.


The list of human achievements is astounding, from early discoveries like fire, tools and means of survival, to the arts, science and technology and ever onward towards incredible discoveries still to be made. What an incredible species we are.


However, without this skill our ancestors would have lost the ability to craft tools, there would be no vaccines, the works of Tchaikovsky might never exist.


As we enter a new era, we would not be preparing to set foot on Mars, or park a Tesla on it.


I believe the skill that has possibly had the most significant benefit in our evolution is our extraordinary ability to communicate.


The clearer you communicate, the more powerful your message, the more significant your impact and the greater you’re the chance of standing out and being heard.


What do you believe is something everyone should be taught?

Lydia, Project Officer
I was intrigued by the course outline provided for Trevor’s Build & Present PowerPoint workshop. It promised to be ‘absolutely packed full of useful information’… and that it was, plus a whole lot more!
The workshop was indeed filled with tips and guidance to make my presentations more engaging and memorable. The information provided was sometimes challenging and generally very thought provoking.
The content of this workshop is unlike any other I have attended before. Trevor’s delivery style is relaxed, engaging and inclusive. The practical element was what made the learning really sink in. I was hooked by the ‘teasers’ that we were fed throughout the day. If you had a question, Trevor had already thought of the answer that would be revealed at a later part of the programme.
Having had PowerPoint training many years ago and feeling fairly confident in my skills, I attended this workshop in search of ways to better create presentations. I left the workshop with a whole new layer of learning that I had no idea existed!
This workshop has entirely changed the way I will create presentations in the future and has made me view the presentations of others through a completely new lens. Trevor has gotten the balance just right for this workshop. His expertise and knowledge shine through; clearly demonstrating throughout the day that he knows his stuff. Thank you, Trevor for sharing all your knowledge – its powerful, unique and invaluable.
Violet Karamagi
I really enjoyed Trevor's Power Point Course. I learnt so much, a lot of stuff I didn't know I could do in Power Point or even apply to other Microsoft applications. I can now give my presentations some life that will keep the audience engaged.
As a trainer, Trevor is very patient and ensures that no one is left behind. There was never a quiet or dull moment during the course. I would highly recommend the course or Trevor as the go to person should you need 1:1 help with your presentation.
Emmanuel Karamagi
I'm in business, teaching, and training. Power point presentation is therefore a pivotal tool in my daily life.
Attending Trevor Henderson's Build and Present Power Point workshop helped confirm that my PP slides were cluttered and therefore obscured what I was trying to communicate. And that I was not exploiting the full potential attainable using Power Point. What I got from the workshop is the:
- ability to make my PP presentation clutter free, precise and better engaging.
- learnt that there is much more that I can do with power point in terms using its tools.
- effective usage of text, images and color to keep the audience engaged and understand my presentation.
I would recommend this workshop to anyone who uses power point presentation in their daily lives.
Melanie Harrison
Course 1; I recently attended one of Trevor’s PowerPoint workshops as I needed to update my professional presentation skills. I have to say that the course was amazing as his wealth of knowledge is astounding! Although I had been professionally trained on and used PowerPoint many years ago my skills had become rusty and new features had been added.
Trevor has not only brought me back up to speed but enskilled me in these fabulous features. Trevor had recently taught a number of us in a small group so that we received the appropriate support necessary, whilst taking time to explain concepts in a user friendly manner with calm and patience so that none of my questions were deemed stupid or inane. I am no longer fazed or frustrated by PowerPoint and I would definitely recommend using Trevor for all your IT needs.

Course 2; Wow what an amazing day! Trevor has managed to cut through all the unnecessary aspects of building a successful PowerPoint presentation and shown me how to build a simple, effective and powerful presentation that will keep audiences engaged. No more boring slides and text overload, instead fabulous visual and engaging slides to ensure any presentation will now get the message across.
It was useful to understand some of the physiology of successful presentation tricks and tools, such as 'Palm' so as not to make these mistakes again. Trevor teaches in small groups to ensure individual attention and support

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